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 Beginning HTML With CSS And XHTML (with source Code)

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Beginning HTML With CSS And XHTML (with source Code) Empty
PostSubject: Beginning HTML With CSS And XHTML (with source Code)   Beginning HTML With CSS And XHTML (with source Code) I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 04, 2008 8:11 pm

Beginning HTML With CSS And XHTML (with source Code)

Beginning HTML With CSS And XHTML (with source Code) Html10

Author(s) : David Schultz, Craig Cook Publisher : Apress Year : Jun 2007 ISBN 10 : 1590597478 ISBN 13 : 9781590597477 Language : English Pages : 430 File type : PDF Size : 7.1 MB (book + source code) This book will show you how to create documents of your own so you can share them on the web. You’ll become intimately familiar with the rules and constructs of HyperText Markup Language (HTML), the computer language the web is built on. It’s a simple language, and the basic rules are easy to pick up and put to use. HTML is a tool, and once you know how to use it, you’re limited only by your imagination. This book is for anyone interested in learning how to build web pages from the ground up using modern best practices. We assume you’re familiar with the Internet and the World Wide Web, and you probably wouldn’t pick up a book with “HTML” in the title unless you’d at least heard of it. Beyond that, we don’t assume any prior knowledge of web design or computer programming. As you advance through this book, the topics get a little more advanced as well. But fear not: this is a book for beginners, and we’ll walk you through the tough parts. Even if you’re not a beginner, this may be well worth a read. Only a few short years ago, the common approach to building web pages was very different from how things are done today. A lot has changed in recent times, so if you’re a more experienced web developer looking to get back to basics and see what all this “semantic XHTML and CSS” mumbo-jumbo is about, this is the book for you. Here we present a brief road map of where this book is going to take you. The first two chapters lead you through the bare essentials you’ll need to start creating your own web documents. Throughout the bulk of this book, Chapters 3 through 10, you’ll dig into different subject areas within HTML and XHTML, becoming familiar with all of the different elements at your disposal. Along the way, you’ll also see examples of some of the many CSS techniques you might use to visually design your pages. We finish up with Chapter 11, where you’ll see a case study that takes much of what you’ve learned throughout the previous chapters and puts it together into a functional website, built from scratch with XHTML and CSS. TABLE OF CONTENT: Chapter 01 - Getting Started Chapter 02 - XHTML and CSS Basics Chapter 03 - Moving A Chapter 04 - Adding Content Chapter 05 - Using Images Chapter 06 - Linking to the Web Chapter 07 - Using Tables Chapter 08 - Building Forms Chapter 09 - Adding Style to Your Documents: CSS Chapter 10 - Client-Side Scripting Basics Chapter 11 - Putting It All Together Appendix A - XHTML 1.0 Strict Reference Appendix B - Color Names and Values Appendix C - Special Characters Appendix D - CSS Browser Support

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Beginning HTML With CSS And XHTML (with source Code)
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