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 Roast Turkey Still A Great Holiday Diet Choice

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PostSubject: Roast Turkey Still A Great Holiday Diet Choice   Roast Turkey Still A Great Holiday Diet Choice I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 13, 2008 11:17 pm

Roast Turkey Still A Great Holiday Diet Choice

Roast Turkey Still A Great Holiday Diet Choice 001_tu10

Okay, here are the bare facts:

Turkey is actually an excellent dietary choice----good protein with very little fat.

And if roasted, low in sodium.

And by the way, turkey contains more protein than the same size serving of chicken or beefsteak.

So, you want the breakdown, here we go. We got this information from

Roasted Turkey - 6 Ounces Dark + White Meat, Untrimmed
450 Calories

Roasted Turkey - 3 Ounces White Meat - Trimmed (no skin, no fat). White meat contains a little less calories than dark. Add 30 more calories if you prefer dark meat.
130 Calories

1 Cup of homemade stuffing
400 Calories

1/2 Cup of boxed stuffing prepared with no calorie refrigerated butter spray.
110 Calories

1 Cup of Giblet Gravy
300 Calories

1/3 Cup of Giblet Gravy
100 Calories

1 Cup of Mashed Potatoes
350 Calories

1/2 Cup of Mashed Potatoes prepared with skimmed milk, no calorie refrigerated butter spray
100 Calories

Stuffed Celery - 1 stick
100 Calories

1 Stick of stuffed celery prepared with reduced fat cream cheese.
40 Calories

2 Sweet Pickles, 10 Black/Green Olives
125 Calories

2 Black Olives, 2 Green Olives
25 Calories

1 Cup of Candied Sweet Potatoes
400 Calories

1/2 Baked Sweet Potato w/ small pat of butter, dash of cinnamon, a couple of packs of no calorie sweetener.
100 Calories

1/2 Cup of Cranberry Sauce
200 Calories

1/6 Can of Cranberry Sauce - Jelled or Whole Cranberries
100 Calories

2 Rolls With Butter
300 Calories

1 Roll With 1/2 Pat of Butter
125 Calories

1 Cup of English Peas with Butter
150 Calories

2 Glasses Sweetened Tea, Wine, Punch or Cider
300 Calories

1 Slice of Pumpkin Pie With Topping
450 Calories

1 Slice of Pecan Pie
650 Calories

1 Cup of Fruit Salad
100 Calories

1 Cup of Egg Nog
400 Calories

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Roast Turkey Still A Great Holiday Diet Choice
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