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 Stressed at work? Relax in style…

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Stressed at work? Relax in style… Empty
PostSubject: Stressed at work? Relax in style…   Stressed at work? Relax in style… I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 9:17 am

Stressed at work? Relax in style…-By Meenakshi Shankar

Stressed at work? Relax in style… Rx10

The top ways to beat the stress over the weekend.

When is the last time you decided to be selfish and decided to be a slave to ‘Me first, others later’ ideology? With the stress levels shooting heights, we put together ten top ways to beat the stress over the weekend.

Aromatherapy. Before you go, that-isnt-for-me, then we recommend just-do-it-once-in-your-life. Jennifer Aniston and Jude Law swear by it. What is it? Aromatherapy is an umbrella term that applies to any healing process involving the use of essential oils. The classic relaxing oil is lavender. Others associated with de-stressing are chamomile, bergamot, patchouli and sandalwood.


Acupuncture is based on the Chinese philosophy that the body's energy, the qi, made up of yin and yang, flows under the skin. If yin or yang is more dominant, qi reserves dip and you become ill. An acupuncturist will discuss your general health to identify unbalanced areas of qi.

He or she will then insert fine needles into "energy channels" in the body to restore its natural balance. Oprah Winfrey and Sandra Bullock swear by this method of de-stressing.

Hot stone massage therapy

It is the application of heated and cooled stones to certain parts of the body. During hot stone therapy, treated volcanic stones, usually basalt or basinite, are heated in water, using temperatures ranging from 120-130F, and placed along the spine. Cooled marble stones are also used. Often the stones are coated in aromatherapy oils. As well as along the spine, some stones are placed in the palms and in between the toes. Hot stone therapists believe that the combination of warm and cold encourages the body to relax.


Seemingly, Prince Charles swears by this method of de stressing. Reflexology uses the manipulation of pressure points, usually on the feet but sometimes on the hands and ears, to relieve ailments elsewhere in the body.


Before you shrug off this de-stressing technique, do remember that Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan believe in this form of de stressing. Reiki, roughly translated from Japanese as "universal life energy" is a practice started by a Buddhist called Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki practitioners heal their patients by transferring energy to the patient through the palms.


Invented by Taoist monks 3000 years ago, qigong is related to Tai Chi and Vedic meditation. It is based on the same principles as reiki and shiatsu: that of "qi", "energy" flows and pathways.

With qi meaning "air" and "gong" meaning exercise, qigong is based on slow body movements that are co-ordinated with the breathing, encouraging energy to flow down the "right" pathways of the body.

Ka Huna, a little known form of massage is great for beating stress. Once practiced in ancient Hawaiian temples as a means of restoring harmony to mind, body and soul, it is now commonly practiced everywhere. Once you try this gentler version of massage, you will emerge more relaxed and with your limbs intact!

Get Sunlight and Wide Open Space

Stressed at work? Relax in style… Tree10

Think about the average office. It is a stress breeding ground. When you spend a lot of the day indoors dealing with the daily grind you lose a lot of perspective. A stressful event seems like the end of the world and you spend the rest of the day (or week!) brooding and thinking about it over and over again. It is like there is nothing else going on in the world.

When you feel like your whole world is becoming engulfed in stress and anxiety one of the simplest things you can do is go outside in the sun in a wide-open space. The effect is wonderfully relaxing. Try it!

A few years ago I discovered how much classical music could help my stress levels. Infact, findings have stated that classical music have a soothing effect on our frayed nerves.

And of course, the last bit is just relax and learn to let go. A lot of us are addicted to stress. I know that sounds a little silly but in many cases it is true. And to make matters worse we go over things again and again in our head. We think that if we think about "why" we are stressed we will come to some lasting solution but in actual fact it just makes it worse. Ironic, isn’t it.

Switch on to classical Music

In these times it is really handy to know the mantra "Just relax!" It sounds simple and probably a little bit silly but it is something you have to try to do. Just relax. Things aren't that bad. I came across a popular Buddhist teaching.

"If the problem can be solved, why worry? If the problem cannot be solved, worrying will be of no help." And the teaching more or less puts things in the perspective…doesn’t it!

Get time on your side - Manage your time effectively - use a daily planner and to-do lists. Prioritize those tasks that are most critical. Be sure to include time for rest and relaxation.

Keep moving - Regular physical activity is one of the best ways of managing and coping with stress.

Stay clean and sober - Avoid alcohol and drug use as a means of coping with stress. Alcohol and drugs will mask the symptoms of stress but will do nothing to alleviate your stress.

Keep a healthy diet and a healthy mind - Avoid foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt. Eat healthy meals and snacks and your energy will remain high as will your ability to focus and concentrate.

Take a break - Minimize interruptions when studying and be sure to include leisure activities and relaxation during study times.

Just say no - Learn to say no without guilt when you are working on your studies. Taking on additional tasks and projects when you do not have to will add to your stress level.

Keep it in perspective - What are the long-term consequences of whatever is stressing you out right now? If the stressor will not have long-term consequences, then you may want to "let it be" and focus on those stressors for which you can take action. Counseling and Wellness Services is available to help with this process.

Count some sheep - It is important to get enough sleep on a regular basis. Avoid caffeine and eating heavy foods late in the evening. Try to go to sleep and wake up at roughly the same time each day.

Source: India Syndicate
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Stressed at work? Relax in style…
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